Hashim Amla Broke Virat Kohli’s Record

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Hashim Amla’s played fifth ODI against Sri Lanka on Saturday. In this Inning, Amla played 154 runs and he completed 50 Centuries in his international cricket career. They have become the world’s seventh batsman who hit 50 centuries. India’s Sachin Tendulkar tops the list with 100 International centuries. Amla has 24th ODI centuries. This Century of Amla is very important in many ways. South Africa’s most reliable batsman Amla’s bat is making a bang in Test, ODI, and T20 Cricket. Amla broke The record of Indian captain Virat Kohli. Not only this he reached equal to his fellow countryman’s record, that belongs to Abraham Benjamin Devilliers (AB Devilliers).

50th International Century

Right-handed batsman Hashim Amla made 26 Centuries in his 100 test and 24 centuries in his 145 International ODI. before Amla , Sachin Tendulkar(100 centuries) , Australian Batsman Ricky Ponting ( 71 centuries) , Sri Lankan Batsman Kumar Sangakara ( 63 centuries) , South African Jack Kallis (62 centuries) , Sri Lankan Batsman Mahela Jayavardhane ( 54 centuries) and West Indies Batsman Brian Lara (53 Centuries) had achieved this record. Of these, only Hashim Amla is playing International Cricket. It’s interesting that South African Batsman AB Devilliers (45 centuries) and Indian Batsman Virat Kohli (43 Centuries) are trying to enrol their names in this list.

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Broke The Virat Kohli’s Record

Play big innings for South Africa, Hashim Amla made the 24th century in ODI Career. As well as Amla broke the Virat Kohli’s fastest 24 centuries record. Hashim Amla Achieved this milestone in his 142 Innings Of His ODI Career. Whereas Virat Kohli made 24 centuries in 161 Innings. If Amla played the same way in future He can make many Record.

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Made Century in His 100th Test

Before this, Hashim Amla scored a century(134 runs) while playing against Sri Lanka in Johannesburg. This is the 100th test in his Career. In the case of Unique feat, Australian Bastman Ricky Ponting has achieved the record. Who made a century in both innings of his 100th test against South Africa. Ponting achieved this record in Sydney.

But Virat Kohli has more chances to…

Even Hashim Amla broke the record of fastest 24 centuries of Virat Kohli but Virat has more chances. This is because Hashim Amla is 33 years of his age and his career is 4-6 years. But Indian Captain Virat Kohli is 28 years of his age. So, they have the opportunity for 8-9 years. Virat Kohli is making best in his Test Or ODI. Virat will definitely shine stars.

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