Haunted Places in India

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Do you believe in paranormal happenings, spooks, ghosts, black magic and spine-chilling ghost stories? You might not believe in these things but such happenings have been reported from many parts of India. Libraries, hotels, homes, hospitals, cinema houses, historical monuments where people have reported these happenings. It was fun to read about the comic character Casper who was called the ‘Friendly Ghost’ but seeing one in real life cannot be fun. Let’s explore the haunted spots in India—

Kuldhara (Rajasthan)

Haunted Places Kuldhara (Rajasthan)This place is located near Jaisalmer. This is deserted since the year 1825 and is known as a ghost village. No one comes here as an old legend says the cruel village king fell in love with the chief’s daughter and threatened the villagers if they created problems in him getting married. The villagers couldn’t bear his threats so abandoned the village.

GP Block (Meerut)

Haunted Places GP Block (Meerut)People have reported the ghosts of 4 men drinking and a young girl in a red dress in this area. People who tried going close to them found that they disappeared.

Ramoji Film City(Hyderabad)

Spooky activities have been reported in this area. Several times spotlights fell down, light men were pushed by some unseen force, some ladies experienced their clothes being torn mysteriously, strange marks were seen on mirrors, food was found to be scattered. According to folklore, this was the Nizam’s land and souls of the dead soldiers seem to haunt the place.

Shaniwarwada Fort (Pune)

Another spooky place, paranormal activities have been observed on a full moon night. According to the folklore, a 13yr old prince was brutally murdered in this fort. The body was thrown into the river and since he wasn’t cremated his soul cries for help, as crying sounds are heard here.

South Park Cemetery(Kolkata)

This was built in 1767 and consists of graves of British soldiers. People have reported the existence of shadows and an outline of a girl dressed in white. People fall ill while visiting the place, feel dizzy suddenly, so people feel scared to go there.

Sanjay Van(New Delhi)

Haunted Places Sanjay Van(New Delhi)This is a forest spread across the 10km area in Delhi. Here people have reported a sighting of a woman in a white saree near the cremation ground. She appears and disappears in seconds.  They feel she is the spirit of a lady who hanged herself from a huge peepal tree.

Raj Kiran Hotel(Lonavala)

Guests staying in a particular room reported their bedsheets automatically being pulled off, they have seen strange blue light near their feet and were unable to find the source.

Writer’s Building(Kolkata)

Haunted Places Writer’s Building(Kolkata)The people feel the place is haunted by the ghost of Inspector General, Colonel N.S Simpson who was killed by three Indian freedom fighters. People hear screams and the sound of footsteps coming from vacant rooms.

Fern Hill Hotel(Ooty)

Haunted Places Fern Hill Hotel(Ooty)The shooting of the movie Raaz took place here. The crew experienced shuffling of furniture on the first floor, they couldn’t call the reception at night as the line went dead and to their surprise, there wasn’t any first floor in the hotel.

Chandan Nagar(Pune)

A girl died in this area near a construction site over a decade ago but the spirit roams. People have reported a little girl in a blood-stained white frock with a doll in her hands roaming the place

Bombay Supreme Court(Bombay)

Haunted Places Bombay Supreme Court(Bombay)Since the last 30 years during a murder trial, one courtroom is infested by a bilingual ghost of a lawyer and the convict who has done is scared by this ghost that he ends up accepting the crime.

So would you like to visit these places?


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