Holi Special: Make this way to the Healthy Oats Recipes(Gujia)

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In the festival of colors, Holi is painted in the color of happiness. But on this occasion of happiness, sweets are so important to us that without them, happiness seems incomplete. Yes, any festival is incomplete without a delicious dish and sweets. Although in Holi houses are full of sweets. But Gujia is a sweet made especially on Holi. Gujia is filled with nuts and plenty of dry fruit. It is very tasty in the food. But today we will tell you not to do dry fruits but to make the Healthy Oats. So let’s talk about the Healthy Oats Gujia Recipes with us.

Time to prepare: 16-20 minutes

Cooking time: 0-5 minutes

For four people

Materials for Making Oats Recipes Gujia

  1. Refining flour (Maida) – 2 cups
  2. Oil – 3 tablespoons

For stuffing

  1. Oats – 1 cup
  2. Chopped dates – 1/2 cups
  3. Chopped cashew nuts – 10
  4. Chopped almonds – 10
  5. Chopped walnuts – 10
  6. Raisin – 20
  7. Roasted sesame seeds – 1 spoon

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How to make oats recipes

  1. Take a bowl of refined dough to make Gujia’s cover and filter it. Then mix three tablespoons of oil and then Put the water on the need accordingly, and tighten the gap. Cover with a wet cloth for a while.
  2. To make stuffing, mix oats, dates, cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts, raisins and sesame seeds in a bowl and mix them well. Then divide it into twelve equal parts.
  3. Now put a little dough on your palm and apply a round shape to each layer.
  4. Now grease the cover of Gujia.
  5. Then fill it with the mold and light hands and fill the stuffed stuff in it. Now close the edges by putting a little water. Then cover the Gujia with a soft cloth.
  6. Now heat the oil in a rigid and add 5-6 Gujia in hot oil and fry deep brown. In the same way, make all the Gujia fruition. Put Gujia aside for two to three minutes.
  7. Your Healthy Oats Gujia is ready, you serve it immediately.



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