5 Things You Should Know About (and Do With) Your Egg

Eggs are very beneficial for health. Most people like to eat eggs for breakfast, so they buy a dozen eggs together in the refrigerator and put them in the fridge. However, the eggs kept in the fridge are not quickly spoiled but many times the poor eggs are found only from the market in the summer season, which cannot be detected and seen. Eating bad eggs reaches a lot of health. In such cases, it is very important to identify the eggs.

1.Cold water

To identify the egg, put it in a cold water bowl. The quantity of water should be so high that the egg is well drowned in it. If the eggs are immersed in water, then understand that it is fine and worth eating. The bad egg floats over the water and is not safe in food. It should be fired immediately.

2.Check by Shaking

Bring the egg to your ear. If the sound comes from it then these eggs are bad. Seeing the right eggs shake, there is no sound from it and it is safe in the food.

3.Break and See

It can also be tested by breaking the eggs. Break the egg in a plate, if its yellow part is a single round and the white part does not spread too much on the plate, then the eggs is worth eating. Apart from this, the bad eggs yolk is spread and the white part is like water.

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4.Break every egg apart

To make egg whites always break them one by one. Many eggs have to be fired due to a bad defect in many times. The bad eggs smell also shows that it is not worth eating.

5.Blood spot

Many times, when the eggs break, blood spots appear in it. Some people think it is bad and give it a finger but this egg is perfect and it is safe to eat. After the cooking, the blood spots are over.

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