Simple home remedies will help you get rid of nose allergies

There are many types of allergies nowadays. Allergies that cause the most discomfort are allergies of the eyes and nose. When a person’s ‘immune system’ comes in contact with some non-harmless substances present in the environment then there a person suffers an allergic problem. In an urban environment, such problems are more than rural areas.

Allergic inflammation is found in the nose of people with nose allergies. This is due to exposure to dust and pollen grains such as allergens.

These easy home remedies will help you fight this difficult situation.

Those who have cold diseases and they get their nose closed every morning, they should eat Neem, black pepper, honey, and turmeric. This will greatly benefit them.

For this, grind the neem leaves and make a paste. Make a small tablet from this paste. Let these tablets dry. Immerse it in honey and swallow on empty stomach every morning. Honey will take care of the bitterness of the neem. Do not eat anything for the next hour, so that Neem can completely work in your body. This method benefits all types of allergies, whether it is an allergy to skin, food allergies or something else. This practice should be done regularly. There are no bad effects of this method. There are tremendous medicinal properties within neem. If you still can not withstand bitterness, then use neem’s soft new leaves, otherwise, the green and fresh leaves are fine.

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Take 10 to 12 black pepper and coconut. Soak them in two spoons of honey overnight in some closed jar. Eat the coconut it in the morning and eat black pepper and chew it. If the turmeric is mixed with honey it is also good. If you keep yourself away from all dairy products, it will be helpful.

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