How to Be A Scientist

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In India, a scientist locates a study job in typically

1. One of the 37 CSIR labs
2. Defense research organizations run by DRDO
3. Autonomous research institutes covering various disciplines
4. ISRO, IIST and some other organizations having immediate link up with ISRO
6. Other govt. research institutes
in a variety of departments of 17 IIT’s,5 IISER’s, NISER (with appreciable teaching responsibility), anIIEST, NIT’s, IIIT,s etc.
7. College or university departments (with almost totally teaching obligation)
8. The essential pre-requisites to even connect with these places for basic level scientist job is

Good markings up to at least MSc constantly
an M.Technical (mostly engineering careers) or a Ph.D. in another field of research
result, i.e. research documents.
Exams :

One can enter these institutes as students at a different level, which is preferred to obtain a first palm information about them.

BSc level entrance: If you’re a high 5000 roughly AIR holder in IIT JEE, or a countrywide level topper in plus 2 examinations, you can pretty much make certain to get an interview demand UG degree any place in India, including IIST, IISc, IISER’s etc. I recommend checking on specific websites, as a few of them perform their own entrance tests. IIST has a tie-up up with ISRO so that their students get careers in ISRO immediately after graduation.

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MSc. level accessibility: JAM for IITs, GATE.
Ph.D. level accessibility: You are able to do Ph.D. at various places. The facts here are about options in India. BARC, IISc, TIFR perform their own access lab tests (plus interviews). There’s also JEST (the access test jointly conducted by 23 research institutes in Physics, Chemistry and computer research), GATE and net in several subjects. CSIR labs offer Ph.D. options. Have a look at their website.
Scientist level entrance: there are no tests. One is applicable against opportunities and provides interviews for the work then. Advertisements turn out throughout the entire year. So monitor websites of your target institutes. A few of them like IISc, IITs have rolling ads, that is they accept application (mostly online nowadays) through the year. The faculty selection committee matches a fixed amount of that time period per yr to choose the true range of recruitments if any. Other institutes declare when they may have opened.
This isn’t an exhaustive set of options. Do check out some excellent answers by others.

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