OMG! This is world’s oldest Emoji. Read the amazing story of Emoji

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Nowadays people are talking in Texting as well as they use maximum Emoji in their talking. But do you know You talk anyone through smiley face and Emoji? When they became? Who invented this? Now I am going to tell you some interesting facts about Emoji. Probably you’re unaware of this.

Smiley face

Recent research has shown that the world’s oldest Emoji used as a Smiley Face. Officially This Emoji was used to create to express Digital expression in 1980. You will be shocked to know that there are 6 billion Emoji used to send in Worlds.

Emoji inventor is a lawyer by profession

The Curator of Slovakia Transin national Akaiv thinks that he found the Inventor Of Emoji and he thinks that would also make a hashtag. According to evidence, Smiley face Emoji’s inventor Jan Landslides is a lawyer by profession.

Head of Transin Akaiv, Peter Brindeja said that We found Smiley Face that was found just ahead of the signature of Jain Ledislidis in 1635. By Jain, “He has no problem for Smiley is being used. He is happy for his Documents.”

Emoji is believed to be 382 years ago

Peter says that he doesn’t know this smiley face is World’s Oldest Emoji or not. But it is confirmed that this is the oldest emoji of Transin. Before this Oldest emoji belongs to 1648. 369 years ago, which is the English Poem written by Poet Robert Herrick. But evidence found in Slovakia That indicates that World’s oldest Emoji is 382 years Ago.

Emoji Facts

  • First Emoji was developed by A Japan Phone Provider Company in 1999 for messaging features of I-Mod.
  • Emoji’s real meaning is ‘Pictograph’. This means to Picture (E) and Character (Moji).
  • Unicode standard on most platforms is the use of 722 different Emoji.
  • In 2013, Emoji Word was included in the Oxford Dictionary.

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