Improve Your Love Life With Visualization

The highest and also the most discordant kind of love is passionate love, understood as an obsession with an individual in whom we deposit all our appetite for the affection. If the individual we love reciprocates, both are responsible for the relationship. But if the loved one ignores or rejects us, it opens up an abyss that converts the very sentimental of love into an insubstantial and, therefore, an ineffective feature of our life.

As in other cases, most of the love problems occurs not because of others but because of the individual themselves. It is our known negative thoughts, our low self-esteem that keeps us from appearing attractive.
And the solution is within you. You can use your own inner self. I propose here a visualization technique to ensure a healthy love life.
RELAX, close your eyes. Let your mind go to your childhood and think about the love you used to feel then – perhaps the love you used to feel for your parents; for a cute animal that used to stay with you. Then, it doesn’t worry at all whether or not this love is reciprocated. That love was without any condition. Continue to be the same person. You still have a lot of love to give to people.

Affirm to yourself the following things:

1. I love myself
2. I shall love whenever I can
3. I will make sure that I will tell to others that I love them.
4. I have the power that I can love and I do not have anything to fear.
5. Love is my life and I love in all aspects of my life
6. I feel the power and love radiated by my spirit.

Now Remember:

Love, without any doubt, is one of the most positive emotions that can make us feel better physically as well as emotionally. There is various type of love, and all of them are important. Although it could be that we are not very fortunate to experience all kind of love at the same time, they do exist around us and the more we give, the more it is possible that we receive in return.

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