Inter caste love marriges in india

Marriage is a term used for a relation of each girl and boy who are tied with each other for life long.

Hello friends this time I have taken u to the most interesting and vulnerable subject that is love marriages in India. Especially youth when in love decide to marry each other. They are wholly unaware of the outcomes of their marriage. In India, inter caste marriage is still a problem and when it comes to intercaste love marriage it takes the figure of a huge aggravation or dilemma. See we are the people of the 21st century we should not discriminate people on the root of caste, creed and religion though colour is optional. People who love they just believe in the religion of humanity and caste of pure love that they do from their significant. If they couldn’t fulfill the wish of marrying their love they end up in committing evil like suicide and depression.

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In other countries why this is not the problem because they believe in the traditions of this uplifting and modern world like U.K and U.S. Every big goal to achieve needs a small initiative. So why that initiation could be me and you. We should spread the wave of true love among each other so that lovers don’t hesitate in achieving their better half.

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