Internet Hoax | Frictional Deadly Diseases

Most of us are active on the Internet and connected on Social Media. The things with no reason go viral. The Internet is to increase our knowledge. Now it uses as a platform to circulate fake news. Social media has become a platform to make fake news viral. Some deadly diseases do not exist and are an internet hoax. These diseases are frictional with no existence. Urban people are responsible for the creation of this kind of internet hoax. It is advice does not believe in such kind of myths.

The different types of fake diseases trending on the internet are as follows:

  1. Chronic Lyme Disease
    Chronic Lyme disease is the most common fake disease. Some theories have proved this type of diseases does not exist in reality. The medical groups have conducted a theory on the symptoms of the Chronic Lyme Disease. It shows that the symptoms are not for Chronic Lyme Disease. The symptoms are for Lyme disease. Lyme disease can be cured by a long antibiotic therapy. Chronic Lyme Disease has no diagnosis in Medical Science. A group of people gave the term of Chronic Lyme Disease to Lyme Disease. They have the symptoms of Lyme Disease that hard to cure.
  2. Blue Waffle
    The Blue Waffle disease is also known as famous frictional sexually transmitted disease. It is assumed that only women get effect the disease. Men can effect Blue Waffle. It is most common in women. Waffle means Vagina. It causes several vaginal infections. The color of the vagina changes to blue due to infection. Blue Waffle originates as a disease in the year 2010. Later on, some researchers prove that it is a false disease.
  3. Celiac
    Celiac is a fake disease. No such kind of term exists in the medical field. It has created a group of people. They want to gain cheap publicity. Gluten allergy and Celiac are false diseases. Gluten allergy is a hoax. You get any message regarding gluten allergy. Do not believe it.
  4. Candida
    One of the most popular internet hoaxes Candida or Chronic Candida. The fake disease came in limelight in 1986. It has proved that Candida is not a disease. It is a method to gain publicity. The Internet has indulged in selling books regarding the fake disease. It is dangerous in every possible way. The disease is a yeast infection. Simple treatment is available to cure the disease.
  5. Lamprey

It is the most famous internet hoax on Facebook in the year 2007. Facebook was full of the pictures posted on lamprey. Recently Facebook has deleted all the pictures related to lamprey. The disease has the impact on the people for a long period. Picture display in the name of the disease on the social networking platform is Photoshop. The disease related to the human eye.

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You should not believe anything blindly that you read. You should not try to search for the fake disease. You come across such type of disease.

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