How to deal with overweight problem in kids

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Fat, chubby kids look too cute. But it doesn’t seem strange when they come in the category of overweight after they grew up a bit.

Let’s see how this overweight problem is generated by many children.

At which age:

Nearly at the age of nine, if the body mass index of your kids is not an invalid form, then you should be cautious to look after them.

Why it is necessary to control getting overweight:

The age of eight to nine is the time for the bones of the children to strengthen themselves. If a child plays, he becomes physically strong, his bones are strengthened and his muscles become strong and flexible. Whatever a child plays, if it is a ball’s sport or other he is strong mentally and physically with the help of this. And the probability becomes high that he will be healthy in the future and will be free from disease.

What happens if a child is overweighted for a long period:

If a child is overweighted, his health system will decline in opposite conditions. If he has to work in a too cold or too hot situation, his body will not follow accordingly and he will become ill again and again. A fat child in the future may face the problems of diabetes, heart disease, insomnia and heart attack.

What are the reasons for the overweight problem:

The reasons behind it are a lack of physical activity, an imbalanced diet, overweighted parents. You should check your doctor for a hormone imbalance.

There are some more reasons for the overweight problem:

  • No place for playing near the house.
  • Tv, video games habit.
  • If parents have jobs, the children are ought to fall for imbalanced eating habits.
  • Fast food.

What to do:

  • Since childhood, make it their habit that they do their own works themselves.
  • Motivate your kids to eat healthy food and do physical activities daily.
  • School management should look after the weights and body mass index of the children every six months.

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