Keep your love and work separate

Being in a relationship with a guy or gal is not a bad thing; in fact, you know that you always have someone besides you with whom you can share your life. But mixing up of personal and professional life won’t work for a long time. If you keep thinking about your love it can create disturbance in your work.

If you are a student this thing can interfere in your studies, you will score less which can make you frustrated. If you work in an office and keep thinking about your love all the time it can down your image in front of your boss.

To do anything you need to concentrate, work without concentration always creates a problem.

These above things are also true if you are with your lover but thinking about your work. Suppose you both have gone for a holiday but you are busy with your office work, it will make your partner frustrated which will obviously lead to a fight.

If you are doing work but your partner keeps on calling you or disturbing you then it is better to make him/her understand your work. I am a future doctor. Now, suppose I am doing surgery or attending my patient but my partner keeps on disturbing me it will obviously either make me do something wrong in surgery or prescription. Afterwards, we will fight with each other. So, neither my work would go right nor my relationship on right track.

Nowadays, I have seen youngsters of my age who are in a relationship keep on talking on phones whole night. This thing also disturbs your life. You would feel sleepy the next day which will affect your work.

So, being in love is wonderful but to achieve something and fulfill your dreams you need to be dedicated and concentrated. For this, it is better to not to mix your personal and professional life together.

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