Kilfy: The Last Selfy

Selfy‘, a picture taken by self. Since the smartphones with front camera emerged, taking selfy became a craze, especially in youth. They even trade their life for a perfect selfy. It was featured in a newspaper some days ago that a 19-year-old girl, an engineering student killed herself mistakenly while taking selfy on a railway track. It is too complex to understand, an adult girl, an engineering student, doing such a foolish thing just for a picture of herself. Not a single student, we hear every day, watch on news channels about such foolish acts.

In fact, it is a mental condition. Like a bad habit of smoking, smartphones are becoming a new habit and selfy is another dangerous trend of it. It is in human nature that we like an adventure. And taking an adventurous self-fulfils that part of our nature.

This crazy mentality of taking adventurous and dangerous selfy gave birth to a trend ‘kilfy‘. Taking ‘kilfy‘ is proving to be a dangerous act in recent days. Carnegie Meno University, Pitsburg and Indraprasth Institute of Information Technology, Delhi have done research on this field. It was named ‘me, myself and my kilfy- characterisation and preventing selfy death‘. The results show that in the time period of March 2014 to September 2016, 127 people were killed due to selfy. In these 29 months, among all victims, 76 were killed in India, largest among all countries.

The research shows that most people were killed due to their craze of taking selfies on top of tall buildings, mountains and other skyscraper buildings. While others lost their lives taking selfies near water places.

Girls are more crazy about selfy than boys. Among ‘kilfy‘ killed people, a number of girls were high than boys. Victims have an average age of 24 and below it.

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