This is how your smartphone’s light affects your mind and body

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Many types of research have shown that most people check their mobile phone just before sleeping and just after waking up. The population of individuals is large who do this fifteen minutes before going to bed and about fifteen minutes after waking up. People are there who do not let their mobile sleep before them. Some sleep while checking on their mobile when after turning off the lights of the bedroom.

Smartphone’s light can cause so many health problems like:

Insomnia: The disease of sleeplessness is called insomnia. If we do not sleep well for a long time, our brain creates neurotoxins. These neurotoxins cause insomnia.

Difficulty in learning: Smartphone’s light affects the sleep and sleeplessness, in turn, has an impact on the capability of learning any new thing.

Memory loss: The lack of sleep affects the mind power of a person. Such a person can not memorize well anything.

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Depression: Smartphone’s light affects our brain directly through our eyes. The melatonin is imbalanced due to this. Which further changes the body block, which causes the chances that the person will be a patient of depression.

Overweight problem: Melatonin imbalance causes a less control appetite. That can cause the person to be overweight.

Cancer: The lack of sleep can increase the chances of prostate and breast cancer.

Effects on Vision: Studies shows that the blue smartphone light warms up the retina. Which further affects the image of affected person.

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