Did You Know Beer Is More Healthier Than Milk?

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You might be thinking after reading this heading, How can be Beer healthier than Milk? But, yes you read it right and it’s not a joke. In Madison, People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) proved that Beer is healthier than milk.  In the campaign of PETA, it is promoting ‘Beer over Milk.’ PETA wants the teenagers to be a part of this campaign.  It might be aiming at to save the animals, but the facts which PETA has shared about beer over milk are quite interesting.

You might be having doubt that how can be beer healthier than milk?  But no need to worry my friends today we have come here with proofs. Must check the full article.

Why Beer Is Better Than Milk?

The answer to this question is, to get a good health Beer is better than Milk. Even for losing weight Beer is best. Not only Beer is better but wine and Liquor are also better. Liquor includes whiskey, rum, vodka, tequila, etc. Liquor spirits have less sodium than milk and all have fewer calories. Milk is full of cholesterol or fat whereas Beer and spirits do not have any.

Since 1930, many researchers are working to make beer as a household drink. And now it looks like they are successful in making Beer as a common drink to be served worldwide.  If Today you go in any country’s bar and you ask for Beer, then they will never say ‘NO’. They will serve you branded beers. But the difference in Milk and Beer is, you can drink Milk as much as you can and drive but if you drink Beer you cannot drive. There’s nothing wrong with the consumption of alcohol if done in moderation.

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How can Beer Help You?

Dairy Products are often produced worldwide, so consumption of it is a sign of health issues like diabetes, obesity, excess-mucus, heart disease, etc.

Beer Is Better Than Milk.

Many organizations charged PETA because of promoting Beer over Milk and targeted the teenagers to accept it. PETA replied to them, we also recommend juices, soy, and mineral water, then why to create hype over the beer?

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On the website of PETA organization, they added if we have used Soda instead of Beer then no media interest would have come in the campaign. PETA urges everyone, beer-drinkers included, to drink responsibly. Where milk is concerned, there’s no such thing!”

So guys when are you planning to do this? Do not think this is a prank. There is nothing bad about beer if you really know it’s limited.


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