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Facial hair removal is an important part of women beauty regime. Threading of eyebrows is one of them. Most of the women do not think when and where they are getting the eyebrows done.

Moreover, there are further do and do not women should follow if she planning for eyebrows. In threading a special thread used by the beautician. It is a specially designed thread folded and twisted once. Thread removes the hair in a row.

Best Eyebrow making tips are:

  • Choose the right salon
    It is important to choose a right salon. Most of the women do not care about the salon for threading. According to them, threading is a common activity. Everybody running a salon is good is threading. You should ensure to choose the right salon for threading.
  • Shape of the face
    The shape of your eyebrows depends on your shape of the face. You want to hide your round cheek or pointy chin. You can decide the shape of your threading with the look you want to carry for your face. It should match your style. Threading makes you more beautiful.
  • Prepare for pain
    Threading is a painful work. You have to bear the pain. You are sensitive to pain. Use local anesthetic gel on your eyebrows 30 minutes before going for threading. It is useful to reduce the pain at the time of threading.
  • Use powder
    You can use the powder. Sprinkle it on your eyebrows. The powder can soak the moisture. It is easy to move the thread to thread the eyebrows.
  • Comfortable position for threading
    You do the threading on your own. Decide the position, which is comfortable for you for threading. Sit near a large mirror. It is easy for you to see your face. An adequate amount of light should come to your face. Maintain distance from the mirror to check the progress of the threading.

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