Knowing Correct Posture for a Good Personality & Height

Height is one of the key factors that go into the marking of a person’s personality. A person with a good height always gets a positive point towards their personality. Different countries have different height standards and almost every resident of that place wants to have that standard height so have a good standing and personality trait.

But, not always do we get all that we want. Sometimes height also figures in this list. You may be well aware that height is generally a genetic trait of a person that we inherit from our parents and ancestors. But still, there are some methods and processes through which we can attain a good height, in some cases even increase our height.

Some of the factors that contribute to and can play an important role in increasing and maintaining a good height are listed below.

  1. A correct body posture :

Having and maintaining a correct body posture is perhaps one of the most significant factors that contribute towards a good height. Our spinal cord is very important for increasing our height and hence it is essential to have correct body posture so that the spine never gets damaged. Some of the body postures involved in this case are:-

  1. Sitting:-

Nowadays jobs that involve sitting in the same place for a long period of time is very common. Students also have to go through this regime. But sitting on the same place is not something that is beneficial for the body. Hence we should have a good posture while sitting. Always try to sit on the lower part of the buttocks and rest your body weight on it. While sitting on a chair, either working on a computer or reading etc, sit with your bone bent a bit forward, while the feet should be placed evenly on the ground. Also, never sit rigidly in one spot for too long. We need to change our posture from time to time and change the position of our legs regularly.

  1. Standing:-

While standing, always put more of your body pressure on one leg while slightly relaxing the other leg. Change the leg on which the pressure is put most at regular intervals so that the pressure is evenly distributed o  both the legs.

  1. Sleeping:-

While sleeping our spine gets the most rest. So, it is important to sleep in the correct position. Rather than on a soft mattress, it is advisable to sleep on a hard surface with a pillow doesn’t elevate our head much. If you can sleep without a pillow then it is the best.

  1. Different types of exercises:-

Exercises are very important to improve and maintain a correct body posture. There are different types of exercises that can come handy for good height. Some of them are: –

  1. Sitting exercises:-            
  2. i) In the 1st type of sitting exercise sit on a chair in an inclined position, maintain a position of about 45° from head to toe. Then, put a pillow as a support of your back and the butt and stretch yourself. Straighten your hands along the thighs and remain in this position for around 10 minutes. The benefit of this exercise is that it relaxes the neck muscles, leg muscles and strengthens the spine as well.

ii)in the 2nd type of exercise, sit straight on a chair and raise your legs keeping them perpendicular to your stomach. After that, fold in your legs so that they touch your stomach. Remain in the same position for about 3 minutes while keeping your foot straight in a horizontal position. This exercise will help to reduce excess fat from the stomach and it also strengthens the lower back and knee.

  1. Swimming:-

Swimming, basically backstroke, is very beneficial if you want to increase your height as it helps to straighten and strengthen our spine.

  1. Maintain a balanced diet:-

Maintain a balanced diet is very important for our health and body development and our height is directly related to these. We need to have a balanced diet, especially during our growing years as we gain most of our height during this age. Some of the things that we need to include in our daily diet are fresh fruits and vegetables, protein, dairy products and whole grains, while we need to limit our intake of food products that contain too much of sugar and fats.

  1. Proper and regulated use of supplements:-  

Sometimes it is seen that people take added supplements to increase their height during the growing years, while some use them to decrease the rate of shrinking which happens with old age. But this intake of supplements is something which needs to be done under proper supervision and advice of nutritionists or doctors.

  1. Getting the right amount of sleep according to age:-

Different age groups have different requirements for sleeping periods for maintaining better health. We need to observe this religiously so that we don’t lose our sleep as sleep and proper rest of the body is indirectly related to our height too. During sleep, our body releases many hormones, some of which affect our height too.

  1. Practising Yoga:-

Yoga is a form of exercise which has become very popular in recent years. Every posture and position in yoga has a purpose and if we do them properly then we can attain the desired results. Some of the forms of yoga can also be used to increase our height and maintain a good body posture.

A good height is something which almost all of us desire for, but not all can attain. But if you want to have a go and try to improve your height then you can adopt all or selected methods from the list given below.

But we need to keep in mind that the most important factor for a good height is to have a good and proper body posture. When we have a good height it boosts our confidence and hence helps in our personality development. So we need to do what we can so as to attain a good height and body posture.

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