The Last Page of My Notebook

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I have many sweet memories with the last page of my notebook. I expect this from your side. The last page of the notebook is special for all of us. Even in a class nursery to class 12th.

This is an interesting topic for discussion. I need your 100% response. I want to know that if not anyone of you has used your last page of a notebook. I see the number is less. The last page is full of funny scribbles. My friend uses to make funny sketches of the teachers. Even try to copy the signatures of the parents and teachers. She is a mysterious person. I am not a forgetful person. Sometimes I forget things. I write on the last page of my copy. Any important work related to the subject. Write phone numbers of my friends. Make a funny drawing. I like to play truth and dare. Write the scores of the same on the last page. Memories of school days are special to us. I am alone. I think of my school memories and laugh madly. You may do some fun activities. Sometimes last pages cover three to four pages of my notebook. I forget to bring my rough notebook.

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In school, I avoid forgetting things. It is human nature to do mistakes. I have a habit to write interesting quotes and poems on the last page. You can find a large number of beautiful quotes and poems on the last page. I hope you like it. I have to avoid using the last page. This is so because our notebook goes for checking in the principal office. She checks the last page. You can think what can happen. Do not fear. My classmates are lucky. They did not stick to such issues. It is very funny. You laugh a lot while reading the post.

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