Types of Lucky Feng Shui Bamboo Plant and it’s use

Bamboo plants are tall plants with a hollow stem and the Chinese regard the plant as a symbol of virtue.

According to Feng Shui, the Lucky Bamboo or Feng Shui Bamboo is thought to be the harbinger of good fortune. This miniature bamboo plant represents the 5 Feng Shui elements- they are wind, water, fire, earth and metal which makes a balance in nature.

The number of stalks in the Feng Shui bamboo hold a lot of significance in Feng Shui cures.

The Types Of Different Lucky Feng Shui Bamboo Plant Based On Number Of Stalks-

1 Stalk-

One stalk represents truth or commitment. For truth to prevail one stalk bamboo should be kept.

2 Stalk-

2 Stalks of Lucky Bamboo

It is considered lucky and is gifted to newly married couples and lovers as it represents love.

5 Stalks-

5 Stalks Lucky Bamboo

The 5 stalks represent the 5 elements of nature. These elements can only bring harmony in nature, so the five stalks represent peace, balance, harmony and power. This is kept in the house to bring success in life.

6 Stalks-

6 Stalks Lucky Bamboo

The 6 signifies blessings according to the Chinese beliefs. They are supposed to bring harmony and happiness in life.

7 Stalks

7 Stalks Lucky Bamboo

7 is always lucky and represents the seven rainbow colors. 7 stalks indicate love and togetherness and it is supposed to bring love and romance in the house.

8 Stalks-

8 Stalks Lucky Bamboo

8 signifies wealth and joy. The 8 stalks are supposed to bring wealth, prosperity and joy in life.

9 Stalks-

9 Stalks Lucky Bamboo

9 is called ‘God’s number’ and it is supposed to bring good fortune in every area of life.

21 Stalks-represent harmony and success in life.

Placing this lucky Feng Shui bamboo in homes and offices will attract positive energy and bring happiness and good fortune in the house.

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