How to Make Your Voice Melodious and Rhythmic

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Voice is The Main Part of A Human Body. The voice of a person’s identity. For those fond of music and singing career in his voice is enough tension.Everyone wants that their voice will be sweet, melodious. Everyone wants that Their voice is not disharmony, Harshness but These are not in everyone’s destiny. By adopting a few simple Steps, everyone can make their voices sweet and melodious.

1. For Rhythmic Sounds, You should take cow’s milk with honey in the daily morning and evening. This can make your voice sweet.

2.If Your voice has become hoarse in the cold, two teaspoon ginger juice in the one teaspoon honey, take three times a day and gargle with Ginger juice mixed with warm water.this will increase sweetness in your voice.

3. Honey mixed with Two Teaspoons Onion Juice, Lick it. And don’t take anything until one hour Or Taking Onion Juice with Warm Water makes your Voice Sweet.

4. Saute the onions lighten and then crushed that onions and now Saute the Alum, Sprinkle Of Alum on the Onions, and take it with chew voice will be Melodious.

5. Mixed Glycerin with Warm Water And gargle with it in the Morning and Evening.Your throat will not deceive you.

6.Seeking to musical voice, should eat Pineapple and take the juice of Pineapple.

7. If Your voice is bursting, take 3-4 fresh garlic buds in a glass of warm water and drink its juice. This can make your voice okay.

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8. Chew Garlic three or four buds soaked in vinegar, it also can make your throat tuneful.

9. Legend has it that Music maestro Tansen used to eat tamarind leaves while they did Riaz. This made his voice clear and melodious.Located in Gwalior, tamarind tree near his mausoleum is said about that tamarind leaves are stuffed throat singers were Harmonic. Once classical singer Pandit Jasraj also visited the shrine and Took tamarind leaves with him

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