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It is a great opportunity for all the aspirants who have interest in science and maths but want to discover something new and innovative, not all the science lovers want to make their career in medicine and engineering. If they have a relevant interest in the field they can go for Oceanography. Oceanography also knows as Oceanology. It is the field of Earth Science that comprises of the study of Ocean current, waves, the geology of the sea floor, physical properties within the ocean and across the ocean boundaries. Oceanography is the” Study of Oceans”.The person who studies Oceanography is known as Oceanologists.

The branches of the study are as follows:

  • Physical Oceanography-is concerned with the movement of oceans, waves and currents, tides and movement of water.
  • Chemical Oceanography-Its related to monitoring chemical composition of the ocean water to better how they shape the planet.Find out natural occurring resources on the sea floor.
  • Geological Oceanography- Focus on the study of volcanic activity and its relation to the movement to tectonic plates or deep ocean trenches thousand of feet.
  • Marine Oceanography- It is concerned with the marine ecosystem and habitats, perform experiments and collect data or track on animals.

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A career in this area provides opportunities to those with intrinsic curiosity and a desire venture into the vast realm of unknown exists in the ocean.

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