Objectives of Motivation Hub Centers in Schools

To emphasize student/Executive centered learning and the development of all students/executives as effective life-long learners
The setting up of MOTIVATION HUB CENTERS allows students/executives acquire appropriate skills, such as planning and implementing self-set tasks, effectively managing their time, enhance creativity and intelligence, acquire superior learning skills, develop self-confidence and various other self-development topics on a regular ongoing basis to ensure there is a gradual and consistent development resulting in positive attitudinal change.
While there are provisions for schools and companies to engage professionals for conducting self-development programs, the desired results or outcome from conducting such workshops are found to be ineffective in spite of the high caliber of the professionals engaged due to a lack of consistency in an application on the part of the participants. Motivation levels are found to wane more or less immediately upon completion of the training sessions. MOTIVATION HUB CENTERS offer a more practical result oriented approach by setting up the necessary infrastructure and training within the school/corporate companies. Also, it is imperative for creating a platform conducive for stress-free learning. Entertaining game shows developed by MOTIVATION HUB that contributes to increased intelligence and creative thinking has proven to make the dullest of participants receptive and active to such events. These programs emphasize the development of higher-order thinking skills and the creative and productive application of these skills to real-world situations. Emphasis has been placed to ensure participants greatly improve their general knowledge skills, a key and vital aspect of self-development, which has been ignored in Singapore. Besides, the programs give participants the ideal platform for cooperative learning. Participants when they work together in partnerships and teams, help one another to become strategic team players, leaders and motivators.

To facilitate and ensure efficiency in the delivery of learning and teaching among teachers

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Regular participation from teachers and their ongoing training at the MOTIVATION HUB CENTER in the school can lead to developing and implementing assessment strategies to ensure that prompt and appropriate feedback can be provided to aid students in assessing the effectiveness of their learning. Staff development needs of teaching staff in terms of the development of student-centered learning need can be evaluated and subsequently address various academic factors. The centers will prove to be the right platform for life-long learning for continuing personal and professional development by way of making available the best of resources within the school.

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