Role of Education in Freedom of Thoughts

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According to there is a close connection between the role of education and freedom of thoughts. Every one of you knows that education is important for us. Somehow, you are using it in a right way or not. I think so some of you may run from this question. This is the truth; most of us use our education to earn. I have discussed with you one thing. Now, coming back to the topic I choose, education role in freedom of thoughts. Anyone of you can tell me anything about it. What does think education role in our thinking? All of you think that education plays an important role in our thinking skills.

Here are some points below that put a reflection on my topic:-

  • All of you know reading is a good habit. However, it is helpful in decision-making skills. Why don’t you stick to reading? An interesting fact is that around 5% people rule on the 80% population of the world. Why is it so? You have the answer. This is because reading. Reading provides us useful knowledge. In turn, it has an effect on our thoughts.
  • Apart from reading what comes next, that can describe education and freedom of thoughts. Sometimes you have educated not to earn money. However, you can work on your thoughts. A literate person has a different process from an illiterate person. Do you agree with me or not?

Conclusion:- From my point of view, education should not get connected with the bookish stuff in our school and college days. Somehow, you should link education and thought process with the situation that comes up in your life. Moreover, how you use your thinking skills to face these situations. In future, remember your experiences. This is education and freedom of thoughts plays an essential role in our life.

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