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What is Religion?
Everyone wants to know that what is Religion?
We don’t want to tell the meaning of Religion. Because J. Krishnamurti Said That if you want to get knowledge then don’t do debate and discourse except for Conversation. Explores questions negotiation solution and discussion raises new questions While Discourse is Onesided Idea.

Religion is a critical part of our life. In Simple Words, There are many means of Religion Like Duty, non-violence, justice, morality, virtue.
Nowadays Many Hindus & Muslims don’t know the meaning of Religion.
Each person has different definitions of religion.Scholars tell people from the Scriptures, and there are many of contradiction in their definitions.
We will not say that These are arbitrary definitions and explanation.

Many people because of religion have become enemies of each other’s life.
But I saw many similarities in both religions & I want to share with You.

Means There is only one God & Muhammad S.A.W. is Messenger of God.

In Vedas, Very Famous Line

Ikram Bramah Dyuti Nasty Nih Na Nasty Kinchen “

There is Only One God not a second, not at all.

In Quran (16:36),
In every Caste, We sent a Prophet So Praise the Only God.

And In Rishi Veda ( 6:45:16 )
that is only one, Praise him

Rigveda (8:1:1)
Do not worship any of the other.( other than that )

Yajurveda (32:3)

There is no Portrait of him.(God)

Rigveda (10:190:2)
Everything in his Control.

But the gap between increasing day by day Who believe in Hinduism and Islam fundamentalists. They think their religion is superior to another. They believe that their religion and scriptures are superior. But teachings of both religions are similar. The fact is that There is no difference in the primary emotions of both books. Creation is about the same in both religions.

Focus on this verse of Geeta
“Avyaktadini Bhootani vyaktmadhyani Bharat. Avyaktnidhnaniyev that ka parvenu.”
Means That All living beings They were all initially latent. i.e. None of them did even exist, and He was not even any complexion.
In between times, All these things had expressed, and Finally, Everything will become extinct. That’s why nothing to worry about.

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The Quran tells the same thing ” INNA LILLAHE WA INNA ILAIHE RAJIYUN ” This means that We all are Fellow of God and we must return to him.

Maulana Roomi explain this verse like this ” Soorat Aj Be Sports Ahmad Brown, Baad Shud INNA ILAIHE RAJIUN.” means All have come from Latent and And then return to the God.

In Geeta,” The same man could reach God who doesn’t keep hate with anyone.

The Quran Says Same But in his way ” Be straight and justice that is liked by God. If you have any animosity, Do not do injustice to any of because of this. Do justice and Take care at all times of the order of Allah. Actually Indeed Allah knows what you’re doing.”

The Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. said that If the person wants to be the believer than Do good to your neighbor. If You Want to be a Good Muslim than Please treats other people with which you want.

Let’s see Geeta On this,“Wise man should do good of others With no profit.
Not only this but It is said in the Geeta “ Who sees every one equal and he knows Everyone’s pain his pain. He is the greatest yogi.”

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The Quran explains,” Both East and West belong to Allah. So, Wherever you turn, thither is Allah’s Face. Allah is giving plenty and Allah knows everything.

Focus On Geeta,” who sees me everywhere. He does not disappear with my eyes. Nor I am out of sight of him. Neither He forgets Nor I’ll forget.
In The Geeta, Pay attention to the One God, Pray Of Him, Do everything for him.
And This Verse
Means Depend on One God except for All.That is the way of salvation.

We can also see this in the Qur’an Oh Muhammad,” Your God, who has shown you the way. Come on that way. There is no other God except Him.

However, We walk in the way of the Anyone Qur’an Or Geeta. That is the only righteous path. God and Allah are the same. You believe in Geeta or Quran. The Reflection of the teaching of both can be seen in Another.

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