Why are crackers banned only on Diwali? Why not any other occasions like Christmas, New Year Eve?

We all got to know about the Supreme Court decision regarding the ban on the sale of crackers in Delhi-NCR region. The decision comes so late that the businessman deals in crackers of Delhi-NCR region have to suffer and the happiness of the festive reason is ruined by the decision. In India, crackers are used to celebrate different types of occasion.

In India, crackers are used to celebrate different types of occasion.

Victory of Political Parties

At the time of the announcement of results of elections. The political party who wins the election celebrates its victory by burning cracker that time no damage is caused to the environment. The level of damage is same at the Diwali and Celebration of Victory of Political Parties.


Christmas is celebrated on 25 December every year to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. We can adopt different kinds of eco-friendly methods to celebrate Diwali so why not to celebrate Christmas is an eco-friendly manner.

Sports Events

Sports events organized in different parts of the country. In the opening and closing of these of events the use of fireworks on a large as an event. The Supreme Court does not find any kind issue in the use fireworks over there. I think so that Diwali is a most popular festival celebrated in our country so due to reason the ban decision is imposed on it.

New Year Eve

Welcome the New Year so that it should bring happiness and prosperity in our lives. At this occasion, we love to firecrackers to celebrate New Year. Pollution is caused on firecrackers on New Year. But there is a special technique that only firecrackers on Diwali cause pollution in the environment and no effect of crackers burn on any other occasion.

Marriage Occasions

Indian marriages are famous for its luxurious style. The crackers are burned at the time of marriage. No one has no issue.

Wrapping Up

Most of us are full of questions regarding the ban. As the sources say that there is much other reason which is contributing to pollution in Delhi-NCR region. One of them is dust on the roads it contributes almost 38% of the pollution caused in our surrounding. It’s shocking to know that neither the Government nor the Supreme Court has not taken any action against it. The ban on Crackers should be on each and every occasioning not only Diwali. The court should review its decision and the decision should be taken on time so that it should not affect the dealers of crackers.

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