Navratri 2019 fasting during Pregnancy

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Everybody likes to fast during Navratri. But some people ignore their health during these fasting days for nine days. But, those who suffer from heart problems, diabetes, and high blood pressure, they and pregnant women should take special care during this period. Fasting is a good thing, but bypassing your health is not right. Eating only once a day in such patients can cause problems. In such a way, even during the fast, be fit, let’s know.

Diane Medical Association (IMA) nominated a president, Dr. K. Of Agarwal said that “If a proper quality of nutrition continues to meet the body, keeping fasting has a very positive impact on the body. Patients who have heart problems should not eat fried things such as potato pakodas and processed chips of potato. Diabetic patients should open their fast when their level of sugar goes below 60 mg. They should also continue taking plenty of fluid diet in the day because dehydration in the body can cause paralysis or heart attack.

The doctor says that due to fasting in patients suffering from type 2 diabetes, the risk is reduced, but patients of Type-1 diabetes should not be allowed to fast. While keeping patients with long illnesses, consult a doctor while fasting, because regular medicines can be reduced by 40 to 50 percent due to the continuous dose of medicines.

Some healthy suggestions For you

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Eat gourd raita instead of plain curd. In the middle, eating almonds as snacks Eat the bread of potty flour with pumpkin vegetables. After a little while, eat fruits in proper quantities so that the body gets plenty of nutrients. Mix the dough and the breadth of the pistachio and add it to the food. Singhada is not food but grain so it can be used instead of grain. There is no gluten in Singhamada flour, so patients suffering from celiac disease or allergic to gluten can use it.

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