Navjot Singh Sidhu left BJP

Now Navjot Singh Sidhu has too many options to join other political party. Even there is no need to approach any party for his own position. Navjot Singh Sidhu could easily decide which party he has to join because he has very strong heart to left like BJP party. There is already some party who approaching and encourage him. He did very well for his future or country because they know only counts future and probably we are also facing my head towards him. But I don’t know why, even we have also power to give him lesion.

CM of Delhi Arvind Kajriwal also said all good people should resign from BJP. Rvind Kejriwal admires his courage, but we have to think what he mean about good people “Navjot Singh Sidhu”. Alos think about it because he was not good when he was in BJP. Now Navjoot Singh Sidhu is a good people. Arvind Kejriwal giving a fresh certificate of “good people” who leaving BJP party and what about the voter who give vote for BJP? Arvind Kejriwal sir please also gives some “fresh certificate”, who vote for BJP.

This is not only for Navjot Singh Sidhu or Arvind Kejriwal, It’s too for CM of Nitish Kumar, RJD President Lalu Prasad Yadav, Ramvilash Paswan, Mayawati.  Why not we have a power or rule, if any minister leaving his party then he has to leave the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha seat with special effect.  We care him not only for what but his party from which he belongs too.

So please start thinking for changes about your leader your party. We are waiting for a great change.

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