Importance of advertisement in Politics

It is a very common term known to the man “Advertising”  it means a public announcement.
Advertising has gained a significant place in the different areas of society. It has now entered the area of politics, social achievements and economic growth. The significance of the role of adverting in politics become vividly clear when political parties resort to different media of advertising to present their election manifesto and promises to serve the public The newspaper, The Radio, the television, and the likes employed to project the Democratic need of the country, so that the public may judge their qualification and integrity and caste their valuable votes for the most suitable candidates.
Many statements have appreciated the role of advertising in politics and business. Mass communication has become most popular mode of advertising. It informs not only one person but a group of persons who may be expected to caste their vote. With the help of mass communication political parties try to target a group. Although it doesn’t distinguish between target and no-target group, it is designed to influence the target group. According to the desire, status and the likes to suit the target group they framing an advertisement. Sir Winston Churchill once said that advertising brought together fertile unions. Man can set goals for better homes, clothing and food by selecting appropriate suppliers. Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said that he would go into advertising in preference to other kinds of business.

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