Note Ban: Changes in India after 1 Year

No one can forget Note Ban. On Nov 6, 2016, an announcement came for note ban now 500 and1000 notes were not valid. What was your first reaction? You had a Surprise or Shock. I did not know the note ban. Next day when I went for a morning walk. I got to know the people about the note banned. Since morning news channels are full of the news about the note banned. I do not want to talk about the government data. We all are already aware of it.

My motive behind to lifting the topic note ban on the blog is that to review the loopholes at the time of note banned. Most of us face a lot of issues at the time of note ban. I am in favor of the note ban. However, I hate the behavior of the bank officials at the time. I am not taking into consideration all the bank officers are bad. Most of them did a great job. Some of them were not guiding the people. There were no basic facilities in the banks for the old age people. To bring a big change in a country like India proper plans is necessary.

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We have discussed the banks and officials. Now I want to ask you what you learn from the note ban. In India, most of the women have adopted the method of saving. They save the money in their hidden boxes. After the note ban, they have started to save their money in banks. How many of you use digital payments? A number is small. There is still a long way to go. I hope you all start making the use of the latest technology. Try to change your mindset. Appeal to the youth helps other people and encourage them for the cashless transactions. India has faced some big changes after note banned. My target is to focus on the small changes. Small changes make the way for big changes.

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