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How offer emails stole your data?

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I always receive offer emails attached with a lottery, gifts, discount coupons and the likes. Once it was too much when I got a mail from that BMW is awarding me two crores and thirty-five lakh. But already I am aware of these things. Most people are not aware of these frauds. Most such types of offer emails are filtered by Google in a spam folder. These days such type of mail comes to you, which is attached with a lottery, discount coupon, win prizes. Most people click on these links without thoughtlessly. It may surprise you, a single click can give details of your account to a hacker. Therefore you should have detailed information about frauds and useful mail. Let us know which mail is fraud.

Fraud: Income tax Refund – Be alert if you got an email from the bank regarding dues of your income tax. Don’t click on the given links. Banks never send such types of emails.
Fraud: Online Order – You haven’t shopped any item product. Apart from this, you got a mail attached with your home address and product information. Ignore such types of emails.
Fraud: Gift Card– Sometimes you just got a mail-in there is information about you have won money or you are getting a gift card. Don’t be greedy such types of emails are fraudulent mail.

Avoid the trap of fraudulent mail.

  • Don’t click on such type of mail.
  • Don’t save your personal information on a shopping site.
  • Confirm offers from the official website.

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Avoid clicking on these.

  • Instantly delete such mail which is related to lottery, prize and the likes.
  • Don’t open the PDF file that comes with such type of mails, it may be a virus in that.

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