These three sports can help you LIVE LONGER

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Exercising your body daily keeps you healthy. And being healthy means a longer life. There are games that are superior to others. But these three games can help you live a healthy and longer life.

Tennis: Tennis is a perfect exercise for our full body. A study shows that people who play racket sports like tennis have a 47 percent lesser tendency of unexpected death. Furthermore, if you want a strong and fit body, you should play tennis.

Swimming: The same study reveals that the people who don’t swim have a 28 percent greater tendency of early death than the swimmers. Our full-body works in swimming, even the lungs are exercised. So learning to swim and developing a habit of swimming every day will help you live a fit and healthy long life.

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Aerobics: Another study shows that people who do aerobics live more than them who don’t. They have a 27 percent lesser tendency to die early than others.
    The European and Australian study reveals that every physical activity has a different role in the aging process. This study was featured in the British Journal Of Sports Medici. The data shows that these three types of exercises show a lesser tendency of early death than the others.

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