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Pros and cons of a regular and destination wedding in india

It is said “Marriage is one of Life’s grandest adventures.’’ so it has to be the most memorable moment of a couple’s life. And everyone wants his or her marriage to be the best. But now the question arises whether one should go for a regular or a destination wedding. Let’s see the pros and cons of each.

Regular Wedding—

Pros of a regular wedding:

Planning Time—the planning time for a regular wedding is ample as one doesn’t have to go to a new place. The people and places are known so one can avail best discounts on all services. Due to excessive time at hand, the marriage can get a personalized feel compared to a destination wedding where too much time would be wasted in travelling.

More people to share happiness- a local venue caters to a large number of people compared to an exotic locale. It can cater to more friends and relatives compared to a destination wedding. One can get the feel of a grand wedding as more the merrier.

The hometown a special place for special memories– the hometown holds a special place in one’s heart and to make memories among childhood friends can be the best decision.

Gifts galore- regular wedding means more people, so more gifts and more fun opening the wedding gifts.

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But along with the pros come to some cons where regular weddings aren’t practical-


Costly—it includes a huge guest list, so more arrangements. So higher the financial burden. Catering cost, return gift cost escalates so the budget goes sky-rocketing.

Stress- regular weddings mean a lot of stress. It involves looking after small details like guest accommodation, their commutation, and the regular wedding arrangements. Even the bride and groom are on tenterhooks as they too have to give their input instead of being served as in a destination wedding.

Destination Wedding-


This is the in-thing today as people are finding them more convenient, intimate and fun-filled. These weddings are held in some exotic locales far from the hometown, where only a few close friends and relatives are invited to the wedding celebrations. Now, why are these destination weddings gaining more popularity—

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Cheaper- the resorts and venues chosen for such weddings offer wedding packages which include accommodation, decor, catering and all the festivity planning. This makes it cost-effective as multiple functions are held at one place instead of holding them at different places with different costs. It even serves as the dual purpose of both wedding and honeymoon. Sometimes couples choose the wedding destination for their honeymoon too. Thus saving money and more fun.

Fewer Guests and Less Drama- no distant relatives are invited, so it is an easy-going affair. It is an intimate affair with only close-knit people giving positive vibes. The atmosphere is full of fun and frolic and less fuss.

Fewer Delays—since all the functions take place at the same location, guests do not have to travel and there will be chances of less delay and functions going on smoothly without glitches compared to a traditional wedding.

Less Stress- the wedding being held at a faraway location far from the madding crowd will ease out things. The distant relatives who create a fuss and create dramas would be missing so the festivities will be smooth and stress- free. Wedding planners take care of everything leaving the family stress free.

More Bonding Among Guests- a destination wedding gives a great opportunity to friends and relatives to gel well with each other. A beautiful locale and a break from the daily monotonous routine helps people enjoy and bond more compared to a regular wedding.

Be Yourself- the bride and groom can be themselves instead of being overdressed in traditional clothes sitting on a stage and passing those Cibaca smiles to every guest.

But everything has a few cons along with the pros, so a few cons associated with a destination wedding are-


Coordination problems with guests may occur

Lack of support from a few relatives maybe there

One may not have proper knowledge of the place, which may create problems.

So one can decide on the basis of the pros and cons of both types of weddings.



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