Arunachal- Pradesh: An explored destination worth a visit

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Arunachal Pradesh is  known as ‘Land of Dawn Lit Mountains.’ it is located in the north-eastern part of the country. It shares its borders with Assam on one end and Bhutan on the other. This place can be described in the lines of the famous poet John Keats- ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’. A perfect holiday destination, whose pristine beauty is unmarred by commercial tourism. It boasts of a wide range of flora & fauna. The scenic beauty mesmerizes any tourist visiting the place. Cascading waterfalls, placid blue lakes, snow- covered mountain peaks, misty mornings, woolly white clouds floating in  the azure blue skies, chirping birds and the warmth of the tribal people can woo any person visiting the place. It is a treasure trove for nature enthusiasts, explorers & travellers. There are innumerable tourist places  which are worth seeing. One can never get bored in such a place as one has innumerable things to do in Arunachal Pradesh.


Tourist places to see-

Tawang- the birthplace of the holiness  of the Dalai Lama. The place boasts of the beautiful 400- year- old Buddhist monastery. This place is frequented by mountain lovers as the place is famous for skiing sports.

Dirang-famous for an old fort situated atop a hilltop. The place abounds in apple and kiwi orchards.

Bomdila– a place famous for the panoramic view of snow-clad mountain peaks. This is present 8000 ft above sea-level. This place too abounds in apple orchards.

 Itanagar- the place is situated 350m above sea-level and boasts of the architectural wonders of the place

Dong-a village located in the easternmost part of India and receives the first sun rays in India. The beauty of the place can be explored by trekking

Things to do in Arunachal Pradesh-

Adventure & nature lovers experience the adrenaline rush while exploring the tourist places in Arunachal Pradesh. Given below are the things one can enjoy doing while visiting AP-

  • Red Panda Spotting– one can visit Namdapha National Park and with the help of a guided hike through the place and spot these animals
  • Rafting- for the adventurous rafting on Kameng river is a great option
  • Ziro music festival-music lovers can enjoy this yearly event where artists leave you grooving to their wonderful music
  • Sela Pass &Frozen Lake- Sela Pass connects Tawang to Guwahati and is situated 13,700 ft above sea level and the frozen Sela lake are a must- visit.
  • Malinithan temple- for the religious people paying obeisance to the deities this temple is a must. The temple has a lot of significance in Indian mythology.
  • Hiking-for nature lovers Talley Valley beckons you. An apt place to enjoy the scenic mountains & valleys.

How to reach the place

The place is well connected with major cities and the nearby states, so reaching the place isn’t too difficult

Air, Bus & Train are easily available

Air-it is well connected to both Guwahati &Kolkata, the nearest airport is Tezpur airport of Assam from where one can fly to AP. Pawan Hans helicopter service is also available

Train-the nearest station is Harmuti station, Assam from where one can board the train for AP

Bus– inter bus service is available as AP is connected to the major cities

When should you visit

The best time of the year is from October-April, this is summertime in AP and weather is pleasant , the temperature ranges between20℃-35℃

The itinerary for this place should be planned in advance. Fit as much sight-seeing and exploring as you can as there are lots of things to do in Arunachal Pradesh. Visiting this Shangri-la on earth leaves a tourist mesmerized. The place exudes a zen- like feel. So pack your bags and head off to this place.

Dr. Preeti Talwar


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