The Reality of Caste Reservation in India

Reservation most talked about topic in India. Everybody wants a reservation and by strikes, lookouts and so-called “Morchas” the marches they carry out in the city affect the other people in the city. The main motive is to compel the government to make quotas for them.

What is the need of such quotas? The leaders like BR Ambedkar had made the reservation system in India because at that time our country was in the clutches of the rigid caste system so for weaker section of the society to support the caste system was made in Educational institutions and Government jobs. With the passage of time, the reality has been changed the impact of the caste system is abolished. The reality we all can see. We all are speechless. Yes, it is the real face of our reservation. Why reservation? I will not like to discuss the data and statistics it is not my motive. My motive is share with all of you about equal opportunity.

Do you think this kind of Reservation system should exist or not?
Only a few people like Find Tina Dabi kind of whose family income is in lakhs getting the benefit of SC.

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Does she need any kind of benefit? The government should provide support to the people who have the skill and potential but lack of resources. A good number skillful good with great inventions lacking resources but their determination wins over money.
We all have heard about the cost-effective ventilator “Medical Kranti” in the healthcare industry for those people who cannot effort heavy expenses of a hospital. The life support system is developed by a young man but now big thing comes support from the government. These kinds of innovations and innovative ideas should get encouraged not the fake reservations where the people have no skill but get the job due to the reservation.

I want to make an appeal to all the citizens of our country if cannot do something big then try to fight against the kind of show-off reservations so that chance should be given to the best talents of our country.

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