Social media tips for parents if their child using social media

A research has revealed that one in every three children in the age limit of 12 to 15 years wakes up at night unintentionally at least once in a week. The research is important because social media is affecting the children this far. The research team of Cardiff University found that one in every five children got up at night and use social media and it affects their work and activities in school the following day.

However, the only solution is not to held away from the children completely from social media, but as a parent, you need to limit their time spent and monitor their activities on social media. According to Mrinal Arora (Executive Director of Shamrock Preschools and the Founder Director of Shamford Schools), the social media is negatively influencing the confidence of the children to convince them that the comments or likes of social media websites make any difference to their life, they don’t have to do any hard work in real life. Sometimes the rejection of a child on social media leads to depression and then media tips

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Social media tips for parents: Make sure your children never upload their personal photos and anything like that on social media. Often minor children make their social accounts by giving false information and creating fake accounts. Tell them the true importance of social networking sites is that they are only a way to meet and join people but to never make it a part of life. Tell them that they should not use these sites to engage with new people. Be friends with your children on the social site and be aware of their every time updates. Find out their passwords and keep an eye on their friend list. If necessary unfriend or block the newly friended people.

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