Are Schools No Longer Safe For Children?

Parents sent their loved one’s children to the school so that they can study and learn to become responsible citizens of the country but when the parents come to know that their child is injured and some mysterious mishappening has happened but on the issue, the school ‘s reaction is suspected then where the parents will go.

You all have heard about Praduman Thakur, 8-year-old school going boy studied in Ryan International School Gurgram reputed school of the city. Innocent boy murdered brutally in the school premises in the washroom other classmates of Praduman indulged in cleaning the blood, the small kids not aware about the what are they doing.

A big question mark on the security of schools?

How come it is possible someone entered the school and murdered the boy? What the security guards were doing? Life of a small boy is so cheap. He has not even the beauty of the world properly. Only his memories left with his parents. Parents are now fighting for justice they cannot get their child back but what thief child has suffered not other suffer.
Parents cannot be every time with their children if they sending them to school it’s the responsibility of the school. When these kinds of mishappening happens then who is responsible? Parents who are sending their child to school or the School Administration who is careless, not aware of what is going on the school. This case which was detected but every day many students have suffered when the teacher beat them and injures the student badly, sometimes the student encounters something bad is happening to him but unaware of the situation does not able to share with the parents and teachers.
Three most important people duty to make children safe.

Firstly, the parents they are the mirror to the child from which he or she can see the world. Its the duty of the parents to guide their child about the good touch and bad touch. What to do when you’re in trouble? They should make the environment at home there child feel free to share the feels.

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Secondly, the school authority keeps a proper check on the activities happening in the school. Proper security should be there and CCTV cameras installed in the school corridors and classes and orientation programs should be conducted for the teachers and students so that trust build up relationship should be there between both of them.
Thirdly, the government should give out proper guidelines about the schools working and keep an eye on schools functioning in their area.

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School is the temple of learning where children come to learn we should come together and make effort to make Schools safer for the children to study and bring out the fear in them as well as ensuring that we are them.

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