How to reject negative thinking

Our goal is to get rid of negative thinking and fears that could hinder the fundamental transformation that you want to undergo.

In fact, we keep thinking the whole day; mostly to pay attention to what we are doing, saying, listening to or reading. But there are also thoughts that come up spontaneously say, for example, when the mind wanders over a set of paintings, remembers past situations.
Recognize negative thinking.
Negativity not only makes positive thoughts difficult but also inhibits and paralyzes thoughts of action. Many people think that they can prevent unfortunate occurrences by thinking over them. In fact, what they must think about is not the eventual suffering that they might have to undergo but the ways to react so as not to suffer so much. For example, if you are driving up the hill beside a heavy vehicle, thinking that the truck will fall backward and destroy your car would not help you in any way. It will be more useful to reflect on the ways to avoid such a situation or to reduce its consequences; you must, above all, have faith in your reflexes as a driver in this situation.

The first advice here is not to be trapped by negative thoughts; in the beginning, it is very natural and normal for this to occur What you must do then is to stop pursuing the activity immediately and clear up your mind or simply distract yourself with something else for a few minutes. Then restart the process of thoughtful analysis.

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Do not allow your thoughts to perturb you. Do not Condemn or justify them. Do not try to control them. Only observe them. After some time, you will be able to identify and recognize your negative thoughts. Then, concentrate on replacing them with positive thoughts in a way that helps you develop a more positive attitude on that subject.

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