How to cope up with the mood swings in children?

We all are about the Pradyuman case. News channels are full of the news regarding the latest proceedings in the case. CBI theory proves that class 11th boy murder innocent Pradyuman. It is shocking to know the reason. The boy did not want to have exams and PTM. He kills an innocent boy. This proves that children are not safe in their school. Schoolmates are secret killers.

Some discussions are going on in the news channels with the panel of experts. It is about the thinking and behavioral issues among the children. I am in shock to hear the news.

I am following Pradyuman’s case from a couple of weeks. It is the duty of the parents to keep a check on their child mood swings. In this case, according to me, the real culprit is the parents. Their child has some issues so they should ask him. There is a big reason behind the bold step of murder. It does not look like while coming to school plan for the murder prepared. When he reaches the school, he executes the plan. There is a big story behind the whole issue. A boy or girl passes through different stages in life.

In every stage, there are some hormonal changes in them. Sometimes due to hesitation or what they are not able to express clearly. Same thing happens in the case. I am taking this case as an example. The purpose behind that is with the help of some examples of real situations we can understand easily. I do not want another family to lose their loved ones anymore. This an alert alarm ringing for the parents. You should become friends with your child. Therefore, that he or she can share their feelings easily with you. I hope this post can help to reduce these kinds of cases in the society. All the school going kids should feel safe. School is a temple of learning.

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