Convert your sexual energy to mental energy

The sexual energy can be used to supply the power to the mind. This energy can be converted to mental energy. And as we know our mind is the creature, we can have a power-efficient mind that can change your life. The desire to have sex is so powerful that in order to achieve it, one is ready to risk dignity, reputation or even life itself. But this potential energy can be channelized to other paths. A perfectly trained mind can divert sexual energy to achievements in social, artistic and professional fields.

The sexual desire is most powerful desires of human beings. Taken away from its push, individuals deeply developed imagination, courage, will-power, persistence and creativity in a much superior way than in normal circumstances.
The transmutation of sexual energy without any doubt requires a lot of willpower, but the compensation is worth it. The desire for sexual activity is innate and natural and it can neither be suppressed nor can it be eliminated. It must be given a form of expression that enriches the mind, body, and spirit. If this transmutation is not achieved, this energy will wish to be spent through purely physical channels.


The discussion here doesn’t tell you to condemned sexual practice, it just implies “taking on loan” a part of this energy or the whole of it, but never wasting it. This philosophy is based on control of the mind and follows the principle of the cosmic relationship between energy and matter which theorizes that the mind enriches itself from a physical base. And the physical base can be a much power when it comes to sexual power. This power if used effectively in the right way can enrich the mind and thus life.

The Universe is governed by an infinite intelligence; all that exists follow infinite laws.

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