Is it safe to delay periods

Most of the women want to delay their periods. It is because some days are inconvenient for them. Some women face cramps and back pain during their periods. It is due to uterine contraction. Most of the women are not able to carry out the regular activities. Even with proper planning, 40% of the women caught out during the periods. No women want to spoil the holiday, important meeting, job interviews and wedding day because of periods. A study shows that a woman spends 3500 days of her lifetime menstruating. Sometimes she faces such situations where she wants to her delay her periods. She can use right techniques to stop her periods. In some cases, delay of periods is no guarantee.

Safe concerns with delay of periods

Science does not provide any information for the delay in periods. Is it safe to delay periods or not? No research proves that it is a healthy practice or not. There are no side effects of the contraceptive pills. You should take the advice of the doctor. It is not safe to make it a regular habit because:
• You will not be able to know about your pregnancy.
• You are pregnant while taking pills. It can affect your baby.

Medicines to delay periods

There are some medicines which are used to delay your periods. You should take them after consulting the doctor.
Norethisterone is safe option to delay periods. Women can use it occasionally. It is not contraceptive pill. You should not use it to prevent pregnancy. You can get pregnant on this pill. You should rely on it for summer romances.
There are some nasty side effects of Norethisterone.
▪ You can gain weight.
▪ It can cause bloating.
▪ You feel a disturbance in your sex drives.
▪ It can cause short-term acne.
▪ You feel tender in your boobs.
▪ You can get frequent headaches and nausea.
• Mini Pill
The mini pill is a commonly used medicine to delay periods. Around 20% women use it to delay their periods. Women use this pill never gets periods. Some women who use this pill have regular or erratic bleeding. Doctors do not advise to use the mini pill for a specific reason.

Side effects of the contraceptive pills

You can face some side effects of oral contraceptives. Women do not have proper information about the contraceptive pills. Some women believe that the pills in the promotional ads are harmless. This is not true.

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Side effects of oral contraceptives are:

• It can breast tenderness.
• You feel leg cramps.
• It can cause a headache and nausea.
• You feel mood changes.

There is no age bar to use these methods. A period is a natural cycle. You should try not to make any delay. Medicines are an artificial method to delay periods. There is an emergency to delay periods.

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