Should kid reality shows be banned? | Indian Reality TV shows

Television has become an integral part of our life. Although print and radio has been the medium of communication for a long time, the emergence of visual media has changed the way in which the communication is done to masses. The ability to attract an audience through the visual medium has led to an opening of a large number of channels and keep us engaged via reality shows.

Reality shows are probably the coolest portions of the visual medium. They show that not only people are brought from every kind of background, but the audience is also put on it because they think the show is close to reality. With the opportunities of attractive careers, the opportunity to show talent in front of millions of spectators has got the opportunity to woo a lot of people from all parts of the country.

But, one of these trends has raised serious concerns, is an important part of these children. Although it allows the children to perform alongside a huge platform as well as acquaint them with the industry, and they want to be the part of it in the future, a serious question mark is on their health and education.

Childhood is a time of innocence and focusing on getting a good education, healthy nutrition which make them strong to face the world when growing up. On the other hand, the shifting trends have made many kids vie for the reality television to not only demonstrate talent but additionally earn money and popularity.

The pressure to performing on stage along with long hours of practice sucks their life too early. In fact, imitating acts of some shows have witnessed children as young as five or six, which can harm their mental development. Besides this, children’s minds may not be mature to face criticism by judges on the show and handle rejections. Parents have an important role to play in all situations through children, parents have to look at the fulfillment of some of their incomplete needs. In the process, they don’t realize that their children.reality shows

Various activist movements have started registering complaints against various channels for the exploitation of children and being child labor. Children should be restricted from participating in reality shows as it has an impact on their overall development.

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The craze of reality Television can have caught on, but what needs to be ensured is that anxiety ought to be laid on providing them sound instruction rather than devoting them to psychological and physical stress.

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