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Facebook is a social media network and for becoming social you will have to connect with people. Social life is a difficult task in the real world, but it is not hard on Facebook. Facebook is the most widely used social platform. So here are some tips to be famous on Facebook.

Connect with people

You can invite all your email contacts to Facebook and accept a friend request if they want to connect to you. This is the first thing to do after joining Facebook.

Make Facebook fan page

if you know about a particular subject or own a website or blog then create a Facebook page. You will get a lot of support from Facebook so you can increase your fan following by spending some bucks.

Select attractive profile photo

Millions of people join Facebook every day. When we check someone’s Facebook profile, the first impression comes from the profile photo. If a person does not have a profile photo, then most of the users do not want to know about them. So choose the profile photo carefully, it presents your first image on Facebook.

Give the right information about you

If you want to connect with more and more people on Facebook, fill out your exact information on Facebook, such as your basic information, places lived, work and education etc. The Facebook program helps you find people based on the information you have filled.

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Comment on your friend’s posts

If you have more or less comment on your posts and photos, you will also have to like or comment on your friends’ posts and photos. Then they will know that you too exist and will comment on your posts too.

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