Feng shui cures for good health

Place behind the bed:  A painting of a lake, waterfall etc may again create heart problems similar to a mirror placed near the bed

Do not sleep under an exposed beam as it may lead to migraines, headaches, respiratory problems etc

Don’t sleep in ill-ventilated and damp rooms as it can lead to colds, chilblain and respiratory diseases.

This Feng Shui or Feng Shui is known in simple words the “Classical  Chinese System” for seeking harmony. It literally means wind and Water and the Chinese concept links man’s destiny to his environment. Their principle is a man should live in harmony with his surroundings.

Feng Shui has numerous ways to improve a person’s health. It is felt there is a direct relationship between the health of a person and quality of energy in his home and office. Some simple Feng Shui tips can be followed to improve the health and happiness of a person

Get rid of indoor pollution-

Only a green environment inside the home and office can enhance the quality of a person’s life. The air purifying plants can enhance the feng shui energy of the house and office. Dracaena, Boston fern, Peace Lilly and Areca Palm are a few air purifying plants which can get rid of indoor pollution.

Use of good lighting and colour in homes and office

One should try to use spectrum lights to enhance energy in home and office. The house and office should radiate happiness which can be done with the use of vibrant colours in the form of the wall colour, wall art or fresh flowers. Both light and colour are important for health and well –being.

Feng Shui the health area-

In feng shui, there are areas as defined by the bagua or feng shui energy map which are responsible for different areas of one’s life. The main area in the house and office which is related to one’s health centre. This area should be well energised both in home and office for a happy, healthy life.

Face should be in the healthy sleeping direction-

People should find out their Kua number, and try to rearrange their desks and bed so that they can face their best directions while working or sleeping.

Clutter-free space

This is an important aspect of feng shui to have a clutter-free space in the house and home, so that energy can flow freely without any obstruction. clutter clearing is generally ignored but this is extremely important and will help in enhancing the good health of a person.

Let us discuss feng shui illness energy

There are several kinds of illness energy causing problems for us. These are associated with the directions they come from and move into the different areas of the house year to year. So one should be alert regarding the negative energy flowing and causing illness in the house.

Three basic tenets of feng shui are- alive, connected and changing. The home or office should be alive with bright lights, no dirt, clutter, good music and clean air. When all these things are balanced the life quality increases and illness decreases. Our goal is to keep negative energies at bay. Let’s discuss the simple ways by which health and happiness can reign in the house and office-

  • Don’t sleep in a room located at the end of a long  hallway as energy can be too strong at this spot causing poor health
  • The bedroom door shouldn’t open directly into the bathroom.
  • Bedroom doors shouldn’t open onto a staircase as it will cause bad chi or negative energy to enter the rooms.
  • One shouldn’t sleep with a mirror facing the bed it may create heart problems.
  • A water feature shouldn’t be are a few tips by which one can lead a healthy life


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