Sequel Era in Bollywood- Lacking Freshness

The most talked about movie at this time is Judwaa 2 starring Varun Dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandez and Tapsee Pannu. Teasers are released. Talking on the issue that there is lack creativity existence in the Bollywood. Why are the directors and producers are mostly in making sequels of hit movies? The sequels of most of the movies are made which super hit at that time like Chasmebaddor, Don, Judwaa and more the list is never-ending.

Season of the sequel is coming in the Bollywood. It just seems in these type of movies that the packaging has been changed but inside everything is same. Take the example of the movie Don everything was same but the star cast was different even the songs were copied as it is itself and now the upcoming movie Judwaa 2 as you all can see in the teasers storyline is exactly the same even some songs from the original movie has been copied only the difference is of the starcast and the use of foreign location and the technology.
If you all agree with me to the point that is it right to copy a content of the original movie. It affects the hard work that the people connected to the original piece. Nowadays most of the Bollywood movies lacks creative content and freshness, but some of the movies made the mark and are unforgettable.What are the reasons of sequels movies? Is this a hit formula of easy success?
The directors and producers have the fear that the fresh content the audience like or not. Questions are many but unanswerable. If the content is prepared well by the writer and properly presented to the audience.

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Why the audience will not like it?
There is no chance of any kind of rejection.
I hate the remix version of songs. The beauty and melody of the old songs are drastically destroyed.
It is been rightly said,

“New is Silver but Old is Gold”.

The movies and song pieces created at that time are now in our minds and our unforgettable.

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