The most underrated form of Entertainment, ANIME! Top 5 Facts!!

“Anime” also known as Japanese Animations, have become very popular these days, especially in the western world !! The reason for their massive success is simple: QUALITY CONTENT, QUALITY CONTENT, and QUALITY CONTENT.
In INDIA, Anime is not even given the Courtesy which it deserves.The reasons may include:
1. Non-availability of Hindi dubbed anime
2. “Cartoons are for kids” –typical dialogue of many
3. “I don’t like how humans look in anime” -few Bollywood fans!
4. Few animes are so complex and detailed, that they don’t even get inside an average Indian’s mind!

Whatsoever, be your excuse Here are the top 5 Facts, worth knowing about anime
and it might motivate you to give animes a shot !!

1. Goosebumps, which will shake you to your core!

For the average Indian people, who are obsessed with Bollywood and Tollywood, the experience of anime series would definitely be an awesome one, as with the fine charismatic and scary soundtracks, It will be truly an overwhelming experience! One could start watching “Attack on Titan” series to get the best !!

2. Longevity !!

Unlike, real-life film heroes while watching anime you need to worry about the characters getting “older” or that the character is not able to perform smoothly as he/she used to do earlier, in Animes, the characters are “IMMORTAL” that means even if you are watching the same character as the same charisma 20 years ago, Even now you won’t see any WRINKLES on their face, for example, the Anime series “Pokemon” Is running for 20 years! And is still Loved by its fans, Moreover unlike any other T.V series which typically
ends in a year or two,some animes have more than 1200+ episodes and still running !!
So, the sad part of saying “The End” does not come early for animes !

3. “Animes-Portal gate for another dimension

In the anime world, anything and everything could be made possible,By anything I
literally mean “anything“, it will make your heart bounce up and down, Make yourself
shook your head at least 10 times, A good series of anime will always continue to give
shocks to your brain, watch- “Death note(original 2007)“, It truly is the GOD of all
forms of animes

4. Perfect dose of “Godly, form of entertainment

Suspense, thrill, Love, hate, Back-stab, heart-breaks, World at war, Curiosity, science,
Mind games, Action, fights, drama, peculiarity, Leadership. You name it, and Anime has it. Each and every emotion is shown with such great Perfection, that the experience which it gives you, You are gonna remember it for your Lifetime. Watch- Code Geass(Lelouch of the Rebellion), you will get all the emotions mentioned above

5. Could something be better??

Yup ! Surely, the best part of these series is that Most of them are absolutely FREE !! You need not pay any amount, As you might do on NETFLIX and AMAZON PRIME. Most of these GEMS are absolutely for FREE, all you need is the INTERNET, MOBILE/Tablet/Computer, and some good quality headphones!!

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