Am I strong enough to fight against foreign products??

Immunity is referred to the resistance exhibited by our body towards foreign particles.


Innate immunity-

  • Non-specific– species, racial, individual
  • Specific– species, racial, individual

Acquired immunity-

  • Active– natural or artificial’
  • Passive– natural or artificial

To make this immunity strong different injections at different ages at different parts of the body are injected. According to WHO, a NATIONAL IMMUNIZATION SCHEDULE is followed to give injections.

Some injections are given to pregnant ladies like for TETANUS so that it does not transmit to the baby. Not only injections according to the schedule are given but some additional doses are also given.


This programme was to eradicate polio completely from the country. And due to this, India has become a polio-free country in 2013.

It is known as pulse because when polio drops are given, they are given on same in every part of the world. First of all, this programme was against 3 strains and given orally. But now it is against 1st and 3rd strains and injections are also given. 2 polio drops are given in December and February months.

It is a great successful programme, due to following reasons-

  • To create awareness famous celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan are included,
  • House to House visit for 2 polio drops of children up to 5 years
  • Crowded areas like railway stations, bus stands, airports are surveyed and polio drops are given to those who didn’t get previously till 5 years old children,
  • Time to Time camps are organized


Vaccines need full care for storage, discard, and reuse. Special conditions and equipment like a freezer, refrigerators, vaccine boxes etc. are used.

Some of the vaccines are heat sensitive, heat resistance, light sensitive and light resistance. Some are covered with black paper so that it does not get contact with sunlight. Some are stored in dry form and when to use make it into liquid form.

So, it is very important to have every vaccine at right time for better and healthy life.

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