Top Trends in Wall Art 2019

Wall art is defined as the finishing element which can help to pull a space together and give it a complete look.

While interior designing a house or office one needs to harmonize the surroundings with colour and furniture and art is the best way to accentuate the interior designing. It is trending both overseas and in India. Homeowners are trying to invest in different art mediums. It is said that decorations and accessories brighten up a room but art helps to give a personal touch and flair to the room. The wall art doesn’t require an art guru to bring about a person’s creativity to the fore. Simple canvassed paintings, pictures, murals, etc are budget-friendly and help to breathe life into the interior decor. These are replicas of classical and contemporary art. You can also buy trendy wall art online from various stores and options available.

It is important to choose the perfect one for your home as it can depict the house owner’s philosophy of life, creativity, colour and texture of the room.

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If you feel that your room lacks some texture of if there are blank wall spaces in the house, then it would be recommended to fill those blank spaces will wall arts and add some texture to your room.



Wallpapers help to cover up the dry or cemented walls with their textured designs. They are available in all shapes and sizes. The best is that they are budget-friendly and easy to install.

Wall decals only cover the middle part of the wall or highlights corners. They don’t cover the full wall. The decals come in different sizes and one has to measure the size of the wall accurately to procure the right size. They are cost-effective, enhances creativity and can also be customised.



Bathrooms require a peaceful environment and this can be created with the use of vibrant colours. For children’s bathrooms, cartoon characters fit the bill.


A bedroom is a place where one unwinds and relaxes so it needs to be cheery and full of texture. One can accentuate such a room in 6 steps by creating a varied gallery wall. These can infuse colour and pattern into these rooms. It can consist of drawings, photos, art all framed and hung in an innovative fashion to create a design statement.


This is a place to chill with the family, entertain guests, watch movies and totally relax after a tiring day. This room needs to be trendy and upbeat. The interiors should look welcoming and can be of modern trend. Contemporary art pieces can do the trick to enliven the living room.


This room needs to be lively with pictures of cartoon characters. Educational wall decal like world map painting, number line painting, etc. can be done. The room should exude cheer and joy and should put an instantaneous smile on the kid’s faces.

The significance of using this art is to create a focal point, bring a sense of texture, give a finished look to the rooms and gives an overall decorated finish to the rooms.

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