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9 fun must-see tourist attractions in Singapore

This article is the first must-read article for beginners in Singapore. It starts with getting to know Singapore and what interesting attractions in Singapore and selects my favourite parts in Singapore. Basically, after reading this article, I will have an idea for Singapore. An overview, know how to choose the Singapore attractions that suit you.

List of attractions in Singapore

Next, Andy Garden will introduce the most interesting Singapore attractions that she has visited. It can also be said that I think it must be done in Singapore. Everyone can click the directory to jump to the attractions you want to see:

Singapore River Walk to see the Merlion

A local person in Singapore recommended that when I come to Singapore, I must come to the Singapore River for a stroll, saying that this is his usual favourite walking route. The sunset color that only exists in Singapore, the riverside of Singapore has become the most beautiful Singapore in my memory!

Gardens by the Bay

The Marina Bay area can be said to be the Singapore that most people recognize from the movie. It is so luxurious and corrupt. If you have seen the super popular movie ” Crazy Rich Asians ” a while ago, the location of the wedding carnival party in the movie is in Marina Bay. Shot in the garden, the “Sky Tree (Super Tree)” like an Avatar Wonderland can almost be said to be synonymous with Singapore tourism, and it is also the most recommended must-see attraction in Singapore with your girlfriend!  Here you can check out more places to visit in Singapore with your girlfriend.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

“Marina Bay” is definitely the first choice for Singapore attractions, and it is also the most advanced, luxurious, and futuristic place in Singapore’s impression of Andy Garner. This area has the “Golden Sands Hotel” that you must stay in Singapore once. , Singapore’s ultra-luxurious sky swimming pool and beautiful night view in the movie is the top floor of the Sands Hotel. The “Helix Bridge” connecting the Sands Hotel, the “Marina Bay Sands Shopping Mall”, which is super easy to visit and has a great casino, are all must-see attractions in Marina Bay. Pursue the first place with the best sense of positivity. I hope everyone can fall in love with the beautiful “Marina Bay” like me.

Travel around Singapore Changi Airport

In addition to the urban attractions in Singapore, even Singaporeans will come to Changi Airport to play. After all, Changi Airport has won the throne of “World’s Best Airport” in the SKYTRAX Global Airport Awards! As one of the most important transit points in the world, Singapore Changi Airport has a full range of shopping brands, gourmet restaurants, billiards, movies, electric games, gardens and other entertainment facilities for free and unlimited time. The world’s best sleep The most comfortable and best five-star airport is Singapore Changi Airport!

Jewel Changi Airport

In addition to the duty-free shops and other shops at Singapore Airport, the “Jewel Changi Airport” opened next to the first terminal of Changi Airport in 2019, which has become a Singapore attraction for travelers from all over the world to check-in. The indoor waterfall “Rain Vortex” in the sky alone is super-killing. It is surrounded by the green botanical garden “Forest Valley”, which the Singapore government has been striving to create a green city image. There are also many boutique and gourmet restaurants from all over the world. There are also starry sky garden facilities for parents and children, and there are light shows and forests at night. Singapore Airport is really renovated every year, just to attract the attention of the world!


Sentosa has been renovated in recent years and has become very dynamic. In addition to the original natural environment of coconut trees and white sandy beaches, as well as the SEA Aquarium and Universal Studios Singapore, there are also various extreme sports, time The Wings light and water dance show can be watched. If you bring children on vacation, you can also stay at Shangri-La Resort and enjoy the parent-child-friendly tourist attraction in Singapore.

Experience Bar Nightlife

Singapore’s nightlife is really booming, after all, Singapore is so hot in the morning! But the nightclub design style created by Singapore is really Singapore style. Many overseas chain stores in Singapore can see at a glance that they are from Singapore. That kind of strong industrial style nightclub flavor, in the small land of Singapore, to have fun is really to go to a bar!

And one of the best bar areas is “Chijmes”. The beautiful Gothic church in the plaza deeply attracts Piao’er’s eyes. After the light of the night, the church is like a fairy tale. The fantasy of the castle is like a magical castle. Sit down and have a drink here. The blurred beauty under the slightest drunkenness has made me unforgettable for a long time. Do you want to have a drink next to the magic castle? CHIME Square is definitely the place to be for nightlife in Singapore.

Clark Quay

In addition to the splendid nightlife in Singapore, the “Clarke Quay” near the Singapore River is also a classic bar area, and it is also one of the best places to enjoy the night view of Singapore. When you actually visit Clarke Quay, you will find that this is the colorful Singapore River waterfront is occupied by various themed bars. It spent 1.8 billion to transform the former warehouses and old buildings into innovative open-air bars. You can experience the bar nightlife after getting off work that is unique to Singaporean office workers, as well as romantic cruise ships. With so many delicious restaurants, quite different from other bar areas in Singapore!

Eat curry in Little India and explore Indian culture

Andy Garner loves to know the cultures of various countries, and she likes Indian cuisine. Little India in Singapore is an Indian life circle full of Indian culture. She walks among the brightly colored buildings and watches Indian girls wearing saris. , Row of sari clothing stores, Indian style furniture, Indian temple worship supplies store, Indian temples, Indian spices, Indian ornaments, silver ornaments, bronze ware, silk sari, Indian food, a half-day trip to Little India is full of fun Happy, I have taught many lessons about my Indian culture knowledge.

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