Some things make Indian Television Unique!

I know some of you must be thinking that who is watching TV now as its an outdated platform or mode of entertainment and no one have time to sit and watch the TV. But you will be surprised to know that there is an increase of 7.5% in viewership of TV in India 2018. Also now many of the people are watching their favourite TV shows online on different digital platforms. With many OTT platforms trending now, ZEE5 has become one of the platforms to make it easier for the audience to catch up with the existing TV shows of ZEE network along with some exciting original content.

Coming to the TV shows, your opinion may be different from me or you may like or dislike the current TV shows and programs. But, there are a few things that make Indian television unique. I am sure that you can’t deny these facts about Indian television.

Censorship is the first and most important part of Indian Television and we have a separate authority who is taking care of the content. They ensure that the relevant content reaches its age-appropriate audience group.

Another important aspect is that as an audience, we have of different age group from the type of content that being watched by them. We have had children who us to watch Cartoons and Comic shows, school and college going students who use to watch informative and educational content. Household women who mainly focus on family drama shows like Kundali Bhagya, Kumkum Bhagya, Zindagi Ki Mehak, Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya. Men who use to watch news channels and sports channels. So in total, we have a wide range of content depends on the different people and their area of interest.

Also, censorship filters controversial content that may have a negative impact on the audience. Many may criticise the stringent measures at times, but it is meant to be beneficial for the greater good.

One more thing that recently got in trend in the last few years is Reality shows. TV has become a platform to show their talent to the world. In the last few years, we have seen many of the singers, actors and musicians who began their career from TV, eventually making their way to popularity. Even now, people use to wait for the next season of such shows to participate and try their luck to build a career.

From north to south and east to western India is full of people of different religions and different languages. The choice of content on television changes with every state and city. Hence, TV is expected to have a wide variety of content for audience group, be it on the basis of language or culture at large. I don’t think so that other than India, nowhere in the world people have this kind of an variety available in TV content.

Not even in India, people outside India are also known to watch Indian content across all the categories. For Indians who live outside India, TV is one of the ways to stay in touch with their country’s culture and to get content that they can relate to.

Now, with TV content making its way to the internet, the reach of television is reaching an all-time high. With platforms like ZEE5 striving hard to expand their reach for their audience, the digital medium is expected to do wonders to the TV viewing experience in future. So, what’s your view about Indian Television, do tell us in the comment section below.

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