Unmet need of Family Planning

INDIA is the second most populous country after CHINA. But soon it is going to be number one if family planning is not done. To stop the increase in population, China had started ‘’one child norm’’.  INDIAN government should also implement such norms. As any country is categorized into developed or developing on the basis of net income and productivity of the country. For the living, everyone needs resources– income, employment, shelter, food, clothes. If the population keeps on increasing like today, one day all the resources will get finished.

Most of the Indian population is living in the villages; among them more than half are illiterate. They think that if more children are in the home this will help in earning money. But they do not understand the dangerous impact of increasing population on country’s economy. Many of them come under BELOW POVERTY LINE family category that cannot even eat two-time food in a day. Then, how can they know the importance of education?  It is very important to aware people about “FAMILY PLANNING”.

There are many ways of contraception. Some of them are-

Above methods are to prevent unwanted pregnancies. If by chance physical activity takes place without protection then emergency pills are there. If unwanted pregnancy has occurred then abortion can be done. If a couple has 2 children already then sterilization can be preferred.

Many people know about contraceptives but still, they don’t use it as they think that it creates problems during sexual activity. Villagers have their own myths like- if they use it they will become infertile permanently, they shy in buying contraceptives, and these have bad effects on health.

All the contraceptives have an advantage as well s its own disadvantages. Choice can be made after consulting any doctor.

A very big problem among INDIANS is the demand of baby boy. Some couples until and unless do not give birth to a baby boy they keep on giving births. For this, the government has banned sex determination and female feticide in INDIA. But still, there are many midwives who say that by merely watching pregnant ladies stomach they can tell whether there is a baby boy or baby girl in the womb.

Too many abortions also effect female’s health. It can make bones weak, menstrual cycle problems, lumps in the breast, weak uterus etc.

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We cannot blame govt. for the increasing population because of govt. has started so many free services for pregnant females and family planning that we cannot even imagine. Because there is a need for great awareness. Under Govt. schemes free condom distribution is included. Education on family planning is given time to time.

My opinion:-

In my views, there should be little bit interaction between parents and their children on sexual activity. As this can solve the problem of shyness, parents can better guide us as compared to our friends. As most of our friends are of our age.

The govt. decision of banning condom ads from 6am to 10pm is wrong. This shows that govt. itself thinks that ‘’condom’’ word has a wrong impact on one’s mind and body. Somewhere, behind increasing rape cases, the reason is lack of correct thinking about sex.

There should be a debate on banning of these types of ads, whether you are against them or stand for them??

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